Our Why

We’re dedicated to empowering women and girls in sport by connecting grassroots teams and athletes with coaching support and sports services. Coaches play an integral part in sports and player development and the positive influence a good coach can have on an athletes life, often go beyond the sporting field.

Over 80% of local sports clubs in Ireland and abroad are run by volunteers who kindly donate their time to building clubs and teams without any formal training, structure and support. These volunteers, usually the parent of a son or daughter involved in the club, are the backbone of sports in most countries, but are typically recruited because they stood around too long and ended up with the job.

Over 1.6 million athletes in over 5,000 clubs around Ireland participate regularly in sport at a grassroots level and all supported by over 400,000 volunteers. But they need our help.



Our mission is to help educate, inspire and take grassroots athletes, clubs and volunteerism in Ireland to the next level. We want to make high-quality coaching more accessible to girls and women’s club teams, to enable a knowledge sharing and coaching experience to keep females in sport longer. 



We want to enable appropriate knowledge sharing and quality coaching experiences that can help inspire females on their sporting journey as a player, coach, administrator or official.


How it works

Coaches can be hired by teams or individual athletes for one-off or regular coaching sessions, camps or clinics. SportsGaff coaches can provide high quality, specialised coaching to all team members including existing coaches, parents and support staff.

All booking requests will be submitted, agreed and paid for online via SportsGaff making the whole process simple, intuitive and puts the coach in charge of their time and schedule while always ensuring they are remunerated for their time and experience.